Dynamic Medical Center Template for Elementor
Provider pages
Service Catalogs
Query Builder
Theme Builder

What does the chart show?

Sections for Departments and Doctors template

Generate and customize individual page templates effortlessly within a user-friendly interface. Utilize pre-made templates without any restrictions.

Show comprehensive doctor data from meta fields

Retrieve services assigned to a specific doctor

Include certificates in a clickable photo gallery

Enable patients to post reviews about doctors

Present appointment length and cost

Specify doctors offering each service

Catalogs for Departments and Doctors

Utilize a robust tool to showcase the existing doctors and departments through a responsive front-end architecture.

Display the doctor's details in a grid.

Organize doctors by their specialties

Make department icons selectable

Show the doctor's schedule and reviews

Set up a single listing and apply alterations to all items

Customize department and staff archive pages.

Setting Up Appointment Booking

Multi-step booking forms

Split the form into sections, allowing patients more time to consider each step.

Checking availability

Permit booking multiple time slots with the same doctor on the same day using a single account.

Confirmation of the appointment

Verify the appointment and contact information by displaying a booking summary to the patient. Establish the price calculation process and present the total cost on the front end.

Various payment choices

Integrate a WooCommerce checkout with PayPal, Stripe, and other payment options on the website.

External calendar services

Automate appointment scheduling through Google Calendar, iCal, Zapier, and Integromat.

Retrieve and display appointment
data from the database

Generate a tailored SQL query to extract appointment data from the database table.
Table builder
Create a front-end table layout for optimal display of appointment details.
Smart filters
Generate a tailored SQL query to extract appointment data from the database table.

Establish and oversee
the website's structure

Utilize a robust tool to design custom theme templates and website pages, conveniently managing them all from a single dashboard.

Create archive, individual, and custom post type (CPT) pages

Apply diverse visibility rules for content customization

Activate/deactivate specific page elements

Incorporate badges onto post thumbnails.

Dynamic Features for Medical Center Websites

Dynamic Visibility
Custom Post Type
Query Builder
Table Builder

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