Matthias Korsinek

As a speaker and mentor, Matthias Korsinek helps his clients to generate motivation and support personal development.


Matthias Korsinek

Project Timeline:




Project Overview

The freelance pastor Matthias Korsinek is also a speaker and mentor with inspiration expertise and heart.
As a speaker he motivates visitors or special selection of topics to visitors or employees of companies.
The topics he covers are the following: “Dealing with Crises”; “Change Management; “Personality development; “Body language”; “Strategic Communication”; “Visionary leadership to implement strategy”; “Priorities & Time Management”; “Motivation”; “The effective achievement of business goals!”; Efficiency & Effectiveness through Creativity.

As a mentor, he assists in the development of his clients’ unique personalities and works with them on their personal growth. The following topics will be covered:

Change your habits Increase your motivation Find your values Activate new skills Gain more understanding about your own actions Achieve a higher quality of life and work

Project Execution

For his passion as a speaker, he still lacked a professional website, which we have created well structured and minimalist. In addition, the website was made bookable and a blog was created, on which Matthias can now publish contributions.