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Optimized Treatment & Therapist Pages

All individual pages for your beauty spa website are fine-tuned and ready.
Stay relaxed and create single pages effortlessly with our Template Builder.

Customize Single Post Templates

Easily modify predefined settings and have them automatically applied to all your pages. All attributes are conveniently retrieved from the admin panel.

Tailored Custom

Key meta boxes essential for spa center webpages have undergone meticulous adjustments to guarantee their optimal performance and functionality.

Pre-designed Custom Post Types

Discover pre-set Custom Post Types designed for treatments and therapists, offering you the flexibility to customize and organize your website pages as you desire.

Cataloging Treatments & Therapists with JetEngine

Craft Responsive Frontend Layouts for Your Treatment & Therapist Catalogs.
JetEngine offers dynamic meta support and a variety of layouts.

Tailor Archive Templates

Adapt templates for spa specialists and services to your liking. Use pre-made Header & Footer, social sharing, newsletter, and more.

Taxonomy Setup

Showcase backend parameters for promoted treatments and therapists seamlessly using dynamic widgets on the frontend.

Listing Grid Versatility

Discover versatile listing grids for 'Our Team' and 'Our Treatments.' Tailor your content categories and layouts to match your preferences.

Streamlined Appointment Booking

Our goal is to assist you in creating a convenient appointment booking process that will be appreciated by every client.
JetAppointment provides support for multi-step booking forms.

Sequenced Multi-Step Forms

Utilizing the page breakers feature, you can break down your form into a sequence of user-friendly steps for a smoother and more organized experience.

Templates for Personalization

Adjust the way advertised therapists and treatments look in the front using custom templates for the Provider and Service fields.

Single-Page Appointment Booking

In addition to the home page, your clients can conveniently schedule appointments directly from Provider and Service single pages.

Appointment Layout Integration

Effectively present essential appointment details by combining the capabilities of Listing Grid and Dynamic Field widgets.

Foundational Appointment Configuration

Thoughtfully curated booking options to help you provide the best possible user experience.
JetAppointment guarantees customer-centric booking.

WooCommerce Incorporation

We've seamlessly integrated multiple WooCommerce modules, making it effortless to automate your payment solutions.

Guided Wizard

Our user-friendly wizard is here to assist you in setting up your schedule, adding fields to forms, and customizing Providers & Services quickly and effortlessly.

12 Diverse Custom Field Types

Combine and customize the wide range of available field types to collect detailed information for each scheduled appointment.

Ready-Made Scheduling

Discover pre-configured business hours, days off, holidays, and buffer times before/after treatments for your convenience.

Obtain the Spa Salon template

and get your website up and running with just a few clicks.

Why Marks & Metrics and Dynamic Templates

Designing a dynamic website template can sometimes lead to overcomplication with an abundance of skins, pages, and plugins. However, this excess can result in website slowdowns and setup complications. That’s why simplicity is key.
Our spa website template is thoughtfully curated, leaving out any unnecessary clutter. It’s all set for you to dive right into your development journey without any hassle.
Crocoblock doesn’t restrict your creative control over default template logic. In fact, you have the freedom to seamlessly blend listing grids, finely adjust dynamic data, modify page structures, and edit user accounts. You’re welcome to personalize anything to your liking.
The spa salon website template is exclusively constructed using JetPlugins. This means you receive a comprehensive suite of 18 Elementor add-ons that are fully compatible, share a unified interface, and have been meticulously developed by a single cohesive team.
Creating a website from the ground up often involves significant expenses, including plugins for custom post types, filters, visual effects add-ons, and menu plugins, among others. Our beauty spa website offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to pay solely for niche-specific features, eliminating the need for additional costs.
Dealing with multiple products and having to reach out to several teams for troubleshooting can be frustrating. Our team is here to address all your product-related inquiries in one centralized location. We’re accessible through various messaging platforms, allowing you to contact us 24/7 using your preferred method.

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  • 500 projects
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  • Forever zoom & chat support
  • JetPlugins
  • JetFormBuilder PRO
  • Dynamic Templates
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