Innovator Institut

The INNOVATOR Group accelerates progress. It makes available to German medium-sized businesses the services that are supposedly only reserved for corporations.


Innovator Institut

Project Timeline:




Project Overview

The INNOVATORS ensure that a complex world becomes simple.

This happens through the best possible combination of subsidies for small and medium-sized enterprises, the implementation power to finally make innovative products and process developments a reality as well as the smart marketing that makes the hidden champions visible on the market.

The family-run INNOVATOR Group is based in a historic industrial monument in Mülheim / Ruhr.

Project Execution

This project is one of the most extensive we have done so far.

The challenge was with the many subpages and creating a special menu that was both functional and visually appealing.

We also created some extra pages, such as an extra application page with an application tool, as well as a sub-page for one of the entrepreneurs to be a speaker. Call to actions were also included and a special plug-in was used at the client’s request.

The icing on the cake, as with the majority of our clients, has been SEO optimization, which guarantees visibility in the online market.