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Revamp your spa’s online presence with tailored tools, like an appointment scheduling feature. Boost engagement with lead magnets and interactive elements, attracting and retaining more clientele effectively.

What's Under the Hood

Agent & Property Pages

Optimize your efficiency and streamline the process with our intelligent Template Builder. Craft all advertisement pages for your car dealer website effortlessly in one centralized location.

Include car visuals: photos, videos, or galleries

Highlight vehicle specifications

Display similar car dealer ad units

Highlight vehicle specifications.

Allow buyers to contact sellers

Incorporate floor plans using a repeater.

Product Catalogs

Create various layouts to display the scattered car dealer ads as a clear-cut filterable catalog.

Design one template for all the categories listings

Set Ads as Lists, Grids, or Masonry layouts

Configure one listing & apply changes to all ads

Showcase categories as fields or badges

Place "Add to Favourite" button to a product’s card

Arrange posts to show the featured ads first

Advanced Filters & Search

Showcase search results on the catalog page

Search the real estate ads from the home page and redirect to the property catalog.

multi-level filtering

Find the top property ad by various parameters: purpose, location, property type, and amenities.

Profile Builder

Define user roles and streamline online interactions between ad owners and visitors.

Build account pages for sellers

Add custom profile menu with settings and log out form

Add access to VIP content based on user roles

Output the car dealer’s details on the single seller’s page

Set user reviews and seller’s rating display

Showcase Posted, Pending & Deleted Ads

Questions? We've got answers!

Having an online presence with an appointment booking system allows spas to cater to the modern, tech-savvy clientele. It offers convenience, enabling clients to book treatments at their leisure, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
By offering a user-friendly and accessible platform for clients to book appointments, a spa can build customer loyalty. The ease of scheduling encourages repeat business, fostering a strong, ongoing relationship between the spa and its clients.
In today’s digital age, clients seek convenience. A spa with an online booking system stands out in the market by offering a convenient, 24/7 service. This not only attracts new clients but also positions the spa as tech-forward and customer-focused.
Dealing with multiple products and having to reach out to several teams for troubleshooting can be frustrating. Our team is here to address all your product-related inquiries in one centralized location. We’re accessible through various messaging platforms, allowing you to contact us 24/7 using your preferred method.

Spa Price Options

Elevate your spa's online presence with our web services. Explore our packages to get started.

Multi-pages Website

starts at €1500 or
149 Monthly
  • 1 mockup version
  • Up to 25 stock images
  • 2-10 pages included
  • Newsletter & Social Media Integrations
  • Online Booking System
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimization
  • Blog Functionality
  • Content Creation
  • Online Chat Support
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Elementor Pro Licence
  • 2 hours of updates per Month

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