10 Multichannel Marketing Tactics to Elevate Your ABM Strategy

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In the rapidly evolving world of B2B marketing, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has proven to be a highly effective strategy for engaging and converting target accounts. However, to truly maximize the impact of your ABM efforts, it’s essential to adopt a multichannel marketing approach.

By leveraging multiple channels and touchpoints, you can create a seamless and personalized experience for your target accounts, increasing the likelihood of capturing their attention and driving conversions.

This article delves into ten powerful multichannel marketing tactics that will elevate your ABM strategy to new heights. We will explore a range of tactics that encompass digital and traditional channels, ensuring a comprehensive approach to reaching and engaging your target accounts.

From personalized email campaigns and social media advertising to targeted content marketing and personalized direct mail, each tactic is designed to leverage the strengths of different channels and create a cohesive and compelling experience for your target accounts.

By implementing these tactics, you can not only enhance the effectiveness of your ABM strategy but also differentiate your brand from the competition and drive measurable results.

So, whether you’re just getting started with ABM or looking to take your existing strategy to the next level, these multichannel marketing tactics will empower you to reach your target accounts more effectively and drive successful ABM campaigns. Let’s dive in and discover how you can leverage the power of multichannel marketing to unlock the full potential of your ABM initiatives.

1. Integrated Email Campaigns

Email remains a cornerstone of B2B communication, making it an ideal channel for your ABM strategy. By leveraging integrated email campaigns, you can create personalized and targeted messages for each account. Segment your email list based on account characteristics, preferences, and engagement levels to ensure relevant content delivery.

Tailor the email content to address the pain points and goals of each account, providing valuable insights and solutions. Integrating email campaigns with your ABM strategy enhances engagement and nurtures relationships throughout the buyer’s journey.

2. Personalized Direct Mail

Direct mail presents a unique opportunity to stand out in a digital-centric world. Incorporate personalized direct mail into your multichannel ABM strategy to make a lasting impression on your target accounts. Use account-specific data to create customized mailers that resonate with each recipient. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a tailored gift, or a personalized brochure, direct mail adds a tangible touch to your ABM efforts, demonstrating your commitment to building meaningful relationships.

3. Targeted Digital Advertising

Digital advertising allows you to reach your target accounts across various online platforms. Leverage programmatic advertising and display ads to deliver tailored messages to specific accounts. Utilize account-level data and insights to optimize ad targeting, ensuring that your ads reach the right individuals at the right time.

By aligning your digital advertising efforts with your ABM strategy, you can enhance brand visibility, drive website traffic, and increase the likelihood of conversions.

4. Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms provide a powerful channel for engaging with your target accounts. Incorporate social media into your ABM strategy by actively engaging with key decision-makers and stakeholders. Follow their accounts, like and comment on their posts, and share relevant industry content. Leverage social media listening tools to monitor conversations and gain insights into the challenges and interests of your target accounts.

By fostering meaningful interactions on social media, you can build relationships, establish thought leadership, and amplify the impact of your ABM campaigns.

5. Thought Leadership Content

Developing thought leadership content positions your brand as a trusted advisor in your industry. Create valuable and educational content that addresses the pain points and challenges faced by your target accounts. Publish whitepapers, eBooks, blog articles, and case studies that showcase your expertise and provide actionable insights.

Distribute this content through various channels, including your website, email campaigns, social media, and industry publications. Thought leadership content enhances your ABM strategy by establishing credibility, building trust, and attracting the attention of your target accounts.

6. Webinars and Virtual Events

Hosting webinars and virtual events tailored to your target accounts allows for meaningful engagement and knowledge sharing. Create informative sessions that address specific topics relevant to each account’s needs and objectives. Involve industry experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders to provide valuable insights and perspectives.

Promote these events through personalized email invitations, social media campaigns, and targeted digital advertising. Webinars and virtual events serve as powerful touchpoints in your ABM strategy, fostering engagement and driving account-specific interactions.

7. Account-Specific Landing Pages

Create account-specific landing pages to deliver personalized experiences for your target accounts. Tailor the messaging, visuals, and calls-to-action on these pages to

 align with each account’s objectives and pain points. Use account-level data to provide relevant case studies, testimonials, and success stories that resonate with each prospect.

By directing your target accounts to account-specific landing pages, you create a customized and seamless journey that enhances the effectiveness of your ABM strategy.

8. Account-Based Retargeting

Retargeting allows you to re-engage with website visitors who have shown interest in your brand. Implement account-based retargeting by tracking the behavior of target accounts and serving them personalized ads across various platforms.

Use dynamic content to deliver tailored messages based on the specific pages they visited or actions they took on your website. Account-based retargeting reinforces your ABM strategy by staying top-of-mind with your target accounts and increasing the chances of conversion.

9. Account-Based Social Advertising

Utilize account-based social advertising to deliver personalized messages directly to your target accounts on social media platforms. Leverage social media advertising tools that allow you to target specific companies, job titles, and industries.

Craft compelling ad copy and visuals that speak directly to the pain points and objectives of each account. By leveraging account-based social advertising, you can increase brand awareness, nurture relationships, and drive engagement with your target accounts.

10. Sales and Marketing Alignment

Successful ABM campaigns require strong alignment between your sales and marketing teams. Collaborate closely with your sales counterparts to understand their account-specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

Share insights, feedback, and performance data to optimize your multichannel marketing efforts. Regularly communicate with the sales team to ensure marketing activities align with their strategies and priorities. By fostering a strong sales and marketing alignment, you can create a seamless ABM experience and drive better outcomes for your target accounts.


A successful ABM strategy requires a comprehensive multichannel marketing approach. By integrating these ten tactics into your ABM efforts, you can engage, nurture, and convert your target accounts effectively.

Leveraging integrated email campaigns, personalized direct mail, targeted digital advertising, social media engagement, thought leadership content, webinars and virtual events, account-specific landing pages, account-based retargeting, account-based social advertising, and sales and marketing alignment will elevate your ABM strategy to new heights.

Embrace the power of multichannel marketing and watch your ABM campaigns thrive. Also, you can read more about ABM here.

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